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What specific benefits will you
get with Awakening Level 1?

Because Awakening Level 1
will be stronger...

  • Your stress level will go down, even more…
  • Your mind will become even sharper…
  • Reactivity and other challenging emotions will improve…
  • Stress-related physical problems will also improve…
  • You’ll feel a new and deeper level of inner peace…
  • You’ll feel more confidence, motivation, energy, and zest for life…
  • And, you’ll meditate even more deeply than with Awakening Prologue…

Overall, your life will change at a fundamental
level, everything becomes a lot easier, and...'ll smile!

To make it easier to move on to Awakening
Level 1 I've dropped the cost...

...A LOT.

Eight powerful “wow extras” you’ll
get with Awakening Level 1...

…to make it even more effective!

You’ve heard the Virtual Audio demo (pretty amazing, don’t you think?) and you’ve watched my short video describing how Deepak Chopra told me about it and why it’s so revolutionary.

Besides just plain sounding cool, Virtual Audio is less stressful than regular stereo recordings because it reproduces sound as we hear it in real life—something…

…stereo recordings can’t do.

Click here to read more... +

Virtual Audio allows you to locate sounds in space, tell what direction they come from and exercise selective hearing—the ability to filter out some sounds…

…and pay attention to others.

This is impossible with stereo recordings, especially with headphones (which causes you to hear the sound all mixed together inside your head).

Your brain tries to selectively listen, but it can’t—which is stressful. In an A-B test (Virtual Audio vs stereo) you can literally feel a decrease in tension when you switch to a Virtual Audio stereo.

VALUE: $277.00 (MP3) or $297.00 (CD)
YOU PAY: $197 (or $217 for CDs)

We make each new Holosync level progressively stronger by lowering the carrier frequency we use to create the slower alpha, theta, and delta brain wave patterns.

The lower the carrier frequency,
the stronger the Holosync.

For the full story about carrier frequency, read the “How Holosync Works" PDF by clicking here.

Carrier frequency is the secret sauce that made Holosync one of the biggest selling personal growth products ever.

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As we lower the carrier frequency the personal changes you experience become more and more profound.

Two ways Holosync pushes
your brain to change:

First, we change the beat frequency. This is how we slow your brain waves into the alpha, theta, and delta patterns.

Your brain responds by creating
many new neural connections.

As a result, you gain the tremendous mental and emotional abilities associated with these slower brain waves. Because of this…

  • You become calmer…
  • Your emotional health improves…
  • You become more aware…
  • You drop bad habits…
  • Your intelligence, learning ability, and ability to focus increase.

And, you become happier, more peaceful, and more compassionate.

Second, in each new Deeper Level we lower the carrier frequency. You experience the same alpha, theta, and delta brain wave patterns, but at a lower, stronger carrier frequency.

Lowering the carrier frequency is similar to a runner increasing the length of her run, to get in even better shape. By lowering the carrier frequency in each new Deeper Level, the improvements in your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health…


Once your brain creates the new neural connections it needs to handle the Awakening Level 1 carrier frequency, you can move on to Awakening Level 2, where we lower the carrier frequency again…

…further increasing your awareness, emotional health,
mental clarity, and overall sense of well being.

There are 12 Deeper Levels after Awakening Prologue, should you choose to experience them, and the benefits become increasingly more profound in each new level.

Each new level includes new Dive and Immersion soundtracks but with a lower and more powerful carrier frequency. (Plus some other soundtracks—see below.)

VALUE: $99.00

To make the Deeper Levels even more effective, we add silent affirmations to each soundtrack…

…chosen by you and recorded
in your own voice.

To deliver these affirmations, we use a proprietary technology called Autofonix® (based on research published in the prestigious journal Science) by researchers at the Medical College of Virginia.

Click here to read the Autofonix PDF that describes this research and tells the full story.

Click here to read the Executive Summary... +

Executive summary: By frequency modulating spoken affirmations into the ultra high frequency range, researchers found that the brain can de-modulate, or decode the spoken messages…

…even though you aren’t
consciously hearing them.

This, by the way, is how FM radio works (except the radio is the decoder, instead of your brain).

Autofonix allows you to silently talk to yourself—shifting beliefs, changing habits, increasing confidence and motivation, and changing self-sabotaging ways of thinking.

Autofonix messages are NOT subliminal (research shows that ordinary subliminal messages don’t work)—they’re actually louder than the other sounds on the soundtrack. Because they’re in the “dog whistle” range you don’t hear them—but your brain does.

Plus, your affirmations are even more effective because Holosync has put you in the more suggestible alpha, theta, delta brain wave patterns.

VALUE: $29.00

We’ve also added a second, deeper Immersion soundtrack to Awakening Level 1, called Immersion 1.5. This amazing new soundtrack takes you…

…even more deeply into the
delta brain wave pattern.

Here’s how you use it...

Click here to read more... +

You use your new Awakening Level 1 Diveand Immersion soundtracks (with the lower carrier frequency) for the first 12 weeks.

Then, beginning with week 13, you put aside the regularImmersion soundtrack and instead listen to The Dive followed by Immersion 1.5. You listen in this way for the remainder of your time in Awakening Level 1. (The minimum time we suggest for Awakening Level 1 is 6 months, or 26 weeks).

Believe me, you will feel the difference. Immersion 1.5 feels deeper—and, as you’ll see, the slower delta brain waves create…

…even more positive benefits.

VALUE: $59.00

You also get another special soundtrack called Floating. You listen to Floating while you sleep, turning your sleep into meditation time and giving you more exposure to your custom affirmations.

VALUE: $59.00

You also get my book, Managing Evolutionary Growth. This book expands on information in the Support Videos, giving you more in-depth information about how to navigate your way through the positive changes you’ll experience. Believe it or not, many people resist the very changes they want, and Managing Evolutionary Growth shows you…

…how to embrace and allow them. 


You also get continued access to our Accelerated Results Coaches™ through our Telephone Support Hotline or by email.

VALUE: $300.00 or more

These Awakening Level 1 Support Videos (also in written and audio format) are even better than those I created for Awakening Prologue. Not only will these videos help you get the most benefit from Awakening Level 1, they’ll open your eyes in many ways to how you’ve been creating your life—and how you can create the life you want.

VALUE: $197.00

You Have Two Choices:




Get all remaining Deeper Levels at
a HUGE savings by joining the

Centerpointe Inner Circle

Pay as little as $119.27 per level (MP3s) or $137.45 per level (CDs)
(per level cost depends on number of remaining levels)…

This is an additional $900.00 off the
already-low regular Inner Circle cost!

When you join the Inner Circle, you also get…


Watch this short video for important Inner Circle details…

Inner Circle members get 12 custom-
recorded Deeper Levels, including...

PLUS, with the Inner Circle
you also get these extras:


(Included beginning with Awakening Level 2)...

Immersion 0.5, the second of our “Industrial Strength” Deeper Immersion soundtracks, taking you even deeper into the delta brain wave pattern, creating still more powerful changes and a super-deep meditative experience.


(Included beginning with Awakening Level 2)...

Immersion 0.3™, the third of our “Industrial Strength” Deeper Immersion soundtracks, taking you to the deepest delta brain wave pattern possible, creating the deepest possible meditative experience—and even more powerful personal changes.

(Included beginning with Awakening Level 3)...

The amazing Gamma Compassion™ soundtrack. 
Brain scans of Tibetan Buddhist monks revealed that they were making large amounts of gamma waves, associated with high levels of compassion and loving kindness. Now you can teach your brain to create these same brain waves—and the same beneficial emotions.


(Available beginning with Awakening Level 4)...

The Super Theta™ soundtrack, allowing you to experience the many amazing benefits of the theta brain wave pattern: increased creativity, visionary experiences, enhanced learning ability, integrative experiences (where “ah-ha” experiences allow you to see a previously difficult situation or person in a new and more resourceful way), and much more.

(Included beginning in Awakening Level 4)...

The Alpha SuperFocus™ soundtrack, putting you in the brain state of “superlearning”, where you’ll learn large amounts of information up to 7x faster. Alpha SuperFocus creates tremendous focus and concentration—and the ability to effortlessly focus for hours without feeling tired.


Additional Inner Circle Information:

We don’t send all levels at once—we create them for you as you finish each level and request the next one.

  • Allows you to take advantage of improvements we make as you move through the program…
  • Allows you to change your affirmations, if you want to, when you move to each new deeper level.

Also note that there is no money-back guarantee on Holosync Deeper Levels or on the Inner Circle. We assume that by now you know that Holosync works, and that these are custom-recorded products.

Please be sure to read the terms and conditions, just to prevent any misunderstandings.

Be well.


Bill Harris, Director
Centerpointe Research Institute

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