“Is your unconscious mind
screwing up your life?

“Let me show you how you can…

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Hi, my name is Bill Harris.

My Life Principles Integration Process online course series will allow you to…

  • Master what I call your Internal Map of Reality, allowing you to make happiness, inner peace, and personal success a choice—no matter what your present or past circumstances…
  • Eliminate hidden beliefs and other mental programs that sabotage you from getting what you want…
  • Focus your mind with laser-beam clarity and intensity so you can achieve your goals and creatively solve your problems…
  • Eliminate fear and worry from your life…
  • Turn any failure or adversity into an even greater success…
  • Experience tantalizing ah-ha’s about who you really are, why you’re here—and look deeply into the age-old question “what’s it all about?”
  • Learn an amazingly simple way to instantly drop self-sabotage…
  • And many more super-powerful and super-effective personal growth and success secrets and strategies…

And…so you can easily find out more…

You may join me for that FREE lesson—from a comfortable easy chair, in your own home.

However, if you do listen to this FREE lesson, I’d like to make two quite reasonable requests…

  • Please agree to give me your full, undivided attention for the entire lesson, and…
  • Decide in advance to at least try the powerful techniques I’ll reveal.

Beaverton, Oregon
Tuesday morning, 10:32 AM

Like you, I’ve tried a lot of personal growth and self improvement programs.

In fact, it was my own almost fanatical search for personal growth that led me to create Holosync®–way back in 1985.

Then, eighteen years later, based on my experience with nearly 2 million Holosync users…

…I created a second companion program. Over
the last 13 years, over 52,000 people have
participated in this program.

This program will show you how to gain conscious control over many key aspects of your life that are usually unconscious—and which may be holding you back from being happier and more effective.

What’s more, I can prove it!

Let me explain…

Most people, sadly, are little more than automatic response mechanisms, dealing with most of what comes their way unconsciously. Such people create their life…

…largely outside their conscious awareness.

But here’s the deal: Running your life unconsciously works great—if your Internal Map of Reality was programmed to deliver the results you want.

Which is, unfortunately, quite rare.

To one degree or another most people create a fair amount of unhappiness, anxiety, failure, self-sabotage, and lack of personal fulfillment.

Some create a lot of it.

Holosync, though, (or traditional meditation, if you choose to do things the slow way), dramatically increases awareness. As a result, you begin to see how they’re sabotaging themselves. This awareness creates choice. In fact, the more awareness you have, the more choice you have about…

  • How you feel…
  • How you behave (or sometimes fail to behave)…
  • Which people and situations you attract or become attracted to…
  • What meanings you assign to what happens…

Everyone wants to have more choice, of course. However, there’s something else about choice that is absolutely amazing:

Once you have a choice, you’ll
always choose what serves
you, and drop what doesn’t.

Think about that for a moment. Awareness—because it creates choice—provides a way to get rid of the problems you’re unconsciously creating! (Trust me on this—you’re creating most of them.)


“Wow, you are not kidding when you say you really want to help. I knew that already though. Thank you so much. You, your program, and your teachings have changed my life completely-much needed.” –Lee

When you become aware of how your own internal cognitive processes—what I call your Internal Map of Reality—create your experience and results in life (the four things I listed above)…

…you see (often for the first time) how the choices you make and the results you experience come from something in younot from external circumstances.

This means you can change these results, if you want to!

There are two steps to this process:

First, you must increase your awareness. (Holosync does this more quickly than anything I’ve ever seen.)

Second, you must direct that awareness to the part of your mind that creates those four things I listed above: how you feel, how you behave, which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and what the events of your life mean.

I first learned this while leading twenty-five Centerpointe retreats over about 12 years, where I taught attendees how to direct their awareness to what creates those four things.

I discovered that…

Those who came to the retreats experienced
much faster and more dramatic progress than
those who just listened to Holosync at home.

Why is this?

I finally realized that I was teaching some very powerful principles at the retreats. Once these were mastered, people made giant strides in their personal growth…

…and, their ability to create
the results they wanted!

That’s why we give new Holosync users copies of my talks at those retreats. You’ve probably heard them. And, a ton of other support material designed to help you understand how Holosync works and how you can create your reality—if you know how…

…in any way you want!

But I also realized that when people hear me speak live, interact with me, ask me questions, challenge me, and tell me what they don’t understand…

…the learning is much greater—and much faster.

But here’s the problem:

We no longer hold retreats. And, there’s no way that all of the hundreds of thousands of people using Holosync could possibly come to a live event.


“I absolutely love your impeccable program. You’ve summed up just about everything that I’ve heard from many other tapes and books, but they did not hand you the formula for the answers the way in which you did. Bright Blessings.” –Janet G.

To solve this problem—and to make sure I really get across to you the precise information you need so you can create the exact internal and external results you want

…I created a comprehensive program called

The Life Principles Integration Process™.

The LPIP is a series of three online courses, each with twelve 60 to 90 minute lessons. When these courses were first launched, over 900 participants signed up in the first hour.

You can read some of their rave reviews on this page. As you can see, these people were blown away by what they learned. And, these are a small fraction of the nearly 15,000 letters I’ve received…so far.

In these online lessons, I teach each principle, in detail, and explain exactly how to master it. Several lessons include interesting and informative diagnostic tests designed to help you assess how your own Internal Map of Reality

…is creating your life.

In addition, each lesson contains homework that ensures mastery, making sure that…

…you really do gain the ability to have choice about your internal states and feelings, your behaviors, which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and what meanings you assign to what happens—no matter what your past or present circumstances!

Once you can do this, you’ve got it made.

Look, I know this works, because I used to have zero control over my internal state. For most of my life I was either angry or depressed (or high). Most people thought I was a giant pain in the ass (I was). And, though I was a pretty smart guy, as I neared the age of forty, I had…

no career, no money, and no prospects
for succeeding at anything

I had no idea how to take charge of my emotions, my motivation—or any other internal state—and I had no idea how to create any kind of success in the world.

I was lost, and very unhappy.

Despite all of this, over the next several years (with a lot of help from Holosync and the material I’ll teach you) I learned how to be in total control of my internal state.

I also learned how to create whatever I want out in the world.

I now have worldly and financial success beyond my wildest dreams, and hang out with people like Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books, author and philosopher Ken Wilber, and many other incredible people.

I’ve even shared the stage with people like Stephen Covey and the Dalai Lama.

Believe me, I was not on a path to create any of this—until Holosync and what I’ll teach you in this series (and, by the way, for a fraction of the regular tuition).

I even spoke at the United Nations in November of 2004, and I receive requests almost every day to share what I’ve learned with groups all around the world.

What did I discover? That it’s very possible, no matter what your past, to take charge of your life.

That’s what I want to show you!


“Thank you. I’m grateful for the wonderful adventure I’m getting from your course. I didn’t know that it contained all this and more.”
 –April M.

Not only that—if you read the comments on this page from those who have taken these courses, you’ll see that I’ve been able to successfully teach many others how to create what they want.

I can teach it to you, too.

Please don’t think I’m saying any of this to brag. Honestly, I’m a quite ordinary person who was fortunate enough, and persistent enough, to…

…find the secrets that allow any person
to take his or her life from wherever it is
now to a point where anything is possible.

Plus, I’ve added something else to these courses
to help you master this material and use it in your life

You can have unlimited email access
to me to ask me anything you
want about the course material!

We call this the Platinum Level, and though it’s a lot of extra work for me, I’m offering it because I want to make absolutely sure that you understand everything I’ll be teaching you, and that you really can…

…implement all of it into your life.

Or, for a discounted price, you can get the Gold Level, where my assistant (whom I’ve personally and extensively trained, and who actually knows this material as well as I do), will answer your questions. Either way, you’ll receive expert guidance and help.

Finally, for an even bigger discount, you can have the Silver Level, where there’s no personal email access, but you do have access to thousands of student questions (and my answers) for each lesson, categorized by topic.


“Well already I am getting more than I could have expected from this course. This personal correspondence is making the price seem to be a giveaway. Thank you so much for the response. The wisdom of your words resonates very deeply with me and your encouragement is inspiring me in a way I haven’t felt in a long time.” —Harry F.

I really go the extra mile in answering these questions. I’m not just dashing off an answer. In fact, my answers are sometimes several pages long—whatever it takes to make sure your question is fully answered and you really understand.

It isn’t enough that you understand this information on a theoretical level. That wouldn’t give you the lifelong changes I’m determined to help you make. Knowing isn’t the same as awareness.

For most people, mastering this material means discovering the unconscious blocks that made it difficult to really change their thinking and their actions

…to match the thoughts and
actions of those who are already
getting the results they want.

Once you adopt these more resourceful ways of thinking and acting, the results you want will flow to you…

…almost effortlessly.

Look. If you’re even remotely interested in making fundamental positive changes in your own life, I urge you in the strongest way possible to consider participating in these online courses.

More details:

There are three LPIP courses (I’ll describe each one in detail in a moment). They’re taught sequentially, one course at a time. Each course has (at least) 12 lessons (in a few cases I created extra lessons when there was additional material I wanted to cover, or if some participants were having trouble and needed extra help).

Each lesson is 60 to 90 minutes long, and you listen to a new lesson every two weeks on a special website we’ve created.

You also have access to my complete notes for the lesson, the exact notes I spoke from when creating the lesson, which makes reviewing any lesson easy.


“I really like the way that this course is set up, i.e. downloadable lesson and notes. I’ve listened to the lesson twice and having the notes to follow along with has been very helpful as well. Your notes/outline is very good and allows me to listen along quite effectively. Looking forward to the next lesson! Thanks.” —Terry I.

And whether you choose the Platinum, Gold, or Silver Level, everyone gets access to all the written questions asked by the participants who’ve gone before you, along with my answer—a huge reservoir of information which makes understanding and mastering the material even easier. (Identities of questioners are protected, of course.)


“Thank you very much for these 3 courses. The information is very well researched & detailed. You have a wealth of knowledge & experience and thanks for generously sharing it with us. As a result of these courses, I’m more self-aware, and I’ve become more motivated, focused, and goal oriented. I have learned heaps & had many AHA moments…” —Winnie M.

Between lessons, you work on any homework I may assign (which can be done in as little as a few minutes a day), designed to give you further insights into how the material applies to you and to how you create your life.

This isn’t like the homework you did at school, though. Why? Because it’s about you, and how you create your life…

…which makes it fascinating!

And, at any time (with the Platinum Level), you can correspond with me by email if you need extra help. You can take as long as you need to complete each lesson, and you can go back and review any lesson at any time. The lessons are available to you forever, as long as you want to continue to review them.

Many people have taken these courses three or more times, finding deeper and deeper meaning each time.

Now, because I want you to fully understand this opportunity before you commit, and to show you (rather than just tell you here) just how valuable this material will be to you…

…I created a special introductory lesson,
posted on this page, and if you want
you can listen to it now.

Then, if you decide you want to participate, you can enroll after listening. I’ll explain the costs and all the other information during the free call, but I’ll tell you right now, it will be…

very reasonable!

Finally, as a way of rolling out the welcome mat to you, as you begin to deal directly with us here at Centerpointe…

…these courses are temporarily
LESS than half price—for you.

And, by the way, there’s even a money-back guarantee, so if you don’t think this is the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself, I’ll refund your entire tuition.

You should know, though, what I’m guaranteeing and what I’m not guaranteeing.

I am not guaranteeing your interest level, your level of motivation, your ability to persist, or whether you’re willing to do what it takes to make these changes. I make it as easy as I possibly can, but a lot of what happens is on you. I’m not, though, guaranteeing you. That’s your job.

I’m also not guaranteeing whether you like me, agree with me, approve of the way I teach, or how the course is laid out—or anything like that.

I’m guaranteeing the courses and the results they’ll create for you. I’m guaranteeing that if you do each lesson, do the homework, and take the action steps I suggest, that…

…you’ll get all the benefits
I’m describing here.

But if you do the lessons, the homework, and take the actions I suggest (and can show me that you did), and you don’t get the results I’m promising, I’ll cheerfully give your money back.

Okay, let’s take a look at each of the
courses and what you’ll learn.

Online Course Number One:

The Map of Reality Expander™

This course is designed to help you become conscious of what I call your Internal Map of Reality, the internal processing system you use to create every result and every internal or external experience in your life, and how you can use your Internal Map to make the changes that will allow you to consciously and deliberately…

…create happiness, inner peace,
and personal success.

We’ll take apart each aspect of your Map of Reality, discover what works and what doesn’t, and then put it back together again in a way that allows you to create the results you want.


“Just want to take a moment to thank you so very much for all that you share with us. Your heart, time, attentiveness to detail… I have never participated in a course (even at college, I think!) where the information was so well organized and so accessible. You have beautifully broken this down so that any person of any educational level can understand it. I can readily see that if I don’t progress…it’s my fault. Thank you!”
–Mary F.

You’ll go from automatically and unconsciously creating your life, to consciously and intentionally choosing each result—and making it a reality.

Here’s the key point: Awareness –> Choice.

Right now your Internal Map of Reality is creating 1) how you feel, 2) how you behave, 3) which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and 4) what meanings you assign to what happens. You’re creating all of this, though…

…outside your awareness.

What you create outside your awareness runs on autopilot—which is okay as long as your Internal Map was programmed to create resourceful outcomes. But what about those areas of life that aren’t working so well?

They’re going to continue to be a problem as long as you’re creating them outside your awareness.

Here, then, is where your awareness—your ability to watch yourself create these not-so-resourceful outcomes—comes to the rescue. As you see yourself, with awareness, using each part of your Internal Ma to create outcomes you don’t want…

…you just can’t keep doing it.

Do you see how this works? What you do with awareness becomes a choice and then you naturally (and instantly) choose to drop what doesn’t work and replace it with what does.

So first you learn ABOUT each aspect of your Internal Map. This is fascinating all by itself. As you look at your own internal cognitive processes, you’ll begin to understand exactly why your life is the way it is.

Then you learn to watch yourself create those four things I listed above, as you create them.


“The course is definitely helping me, and I’m sure many others, immensely. I appreciate how you hammer home the same message from many different angles. In my opinion, the material you are teaching is the most important subject on the planet. Please keep up the great work.” –Lee

And do you know what else? Most people don’t have enough awareness to do this. You, however, DO. Why? Because Holosync creates tremendous awareness.

Holosync –> Awareness –> Choice –> You choose what serves you

Okay, here are some of the things we’ll
cover in The Internal Map of Reality Expander:

  • How to focus your mind…and why this is THE key to everything in your life…
  • More than twenty unconscious filters you use all the time — how they determine what’s possible for you, and what happens in your life…
  • A fascinating process for getting to the root cause of why some areas of life don’t work…and how you can feel good—and make your life work the way you want it to!
  • How to get rid of unconscious beliefs that are ruining your life…
  • The fastest way to become excellent at anything…
  • Exactly how you create every feeling and every behavior…and how to make these things into a choice…
  • The many ways that you unconsciously sabotage yourself, and how you can instantly stop doing it (this isn’t what you think, either)…
  • How what you believe determine a LOT of what happens to you. I’ll show you an amazingly simple way to make your beliefs support what you want…
  • We’ll examine your values, the main engine of motivation. We’ll find the conflicts that sabotage you, and resolve them. If your values don’t support what you want, you’ve set yourself up for failure, no matter what you do or how hard you try.
  • You’ll learn about your unconscious strategies, how they create your feelings, behaviors, and decisions. You’ll learn how to end the strategies that create unhappiness and failure—and to create new ones that create happiness, inner peace, and effectiveness.
  • You’ll see how powerfully the meanings you assign to people, things, and situations affect your life—and how to consciously create and assign new, more resourceful meanings that will completely change your life.

Online Course Number Two:

The Accelerated Change Maximizer™

The Internal Map of Reality Expander (course one) is about the world created by your mind and how, in mastering it, you can create the life you want.

The Accelerated Change Maximizer (course two) is about the world BEYOND your mind. Your mind is creating an elaborate reality, but when you gain enough awareness to set aside the mind and see things without filtering it through the mind, you become aware of…

…something else.

You begin to see things about how the universe works that you can’t see when looking through the mind. And one of those things you see are certain natural laws that nearly all people resist...

…even though there’s really no way
to successfully resist them.

This creates much human suffering (including yours). Resisting these fundamental laws is like swimming upstream against life itself.


“WOW.  I just listened to Lesson 1 of this second course, and I must say I am very excited to be participating in the next 6 months.  I look forward to the challenge.  I have been a student of metaphysics many years and understand on a theoretical basis what you are talking about, but I know that with your course I will now gain something on a more daily experiential level. Thank you for sharing this with me.” –Billie

The Accelerated Change Maximizer is about how to become aware of and get in tune with these laws…

…which dramatically reduces your suffering and increases your effectiveness.

Here are a few of the things we’ll cover:

  • What is reality? (Yes, we start with the simple questions—ha!)…
  • Who are you? Why are you here? What’s it all about?…
  • What “enlightenment” really is (it isn’t what you think)…
  • The real scoop about meditation, and spiritual growth in general…
  • My Nine Principles for Conscious Living (several other teachers have called them “the secrets of the universe”)…
  • How spiritual practice really works and how to get the most from yours…
  • How developing the ability to watch with awareness can completely change your life…
  • The huge problem of resistance—how it creates suffering and discomfort, and how you can eliminate it from your life.
  • We’ll talk about your “personal threshold”—and its effect on anger, depression, anxiety, fear, and sadness—and many other dysfunctional feelings and behaviors (overeating, drug-taking, alcohol use, and many others). Then, you’ll learn how to raise that threshold higher and higher—until very little can throw you off-center.
  • You’ll learn the secret (and quite positive) power of chaos—how it drives change, and why you resist it…and how you can turn chaos to your advantage.
  • How to take responsibility for every experience and result in your life—allowing you to tap into a source of personal power so huge that it allows you to create anything you want in life.

This second course is my explanation of metaphysics and spiritual growth, and I guarantee that it will open your eyes—and probably shake you up.

Unfortunately, most of what is taught about these subjects is pure baloney (I wish I had a softer way to break this to you, but it’s the truth).


“Wow!  I could feel my feelings and not feel enslaved to them.  In particular, during a rough spot with my partner, I could hear him with compassion and want him to move through his discomfort, but not need to control it.  I suspect this is the tip of the iceberg and am pretty excited to imagine what life might start to being like for me. Thanks!” –Pam

Those who’ve taken this course absolutely rave about what it’s done for their awareness of the BIG PICTURE of what life is all about, allowing you to see (and feel) how you are intimately connected to this giant and infinite universe.

I can’t wait for you to have this information, because I know it will clear up many questions you’ve had about who you are, why you’re here, what it’s all about, what spiritual growth is about, what enlightenment is…and a lot more.

Online Course Number Three:

The Success Solution™

After these first two courses you’re at least on the way to mastering the world of the mind, and to getting yourself in tune with the world beyond the mind.

Course three, The Success Solution, answers this question:

How, then, from that perspective, do you go out into the world and create a fulfilling life that makes a difference? How do you take everything in the first two courses and use it to effectively achieve the results you want in the world?

There’s a certain way that people who create the results they want think and act—and in this course, I’m going to tell you exactly what it is, and how to adopt it.


“Bill, this third course so far has been fantastic!  Actually, out of all three courses, I think this is the best one.  You are so genuine and inspiring to all of us.  This has truly been one of the best classes I have ever taken!  It has been worth every dime. Thank you!” –Madelyn

We’ll cover:

  • How to figure out what you really want (yes, you really can do what you want)…
  • A simple six-step process that will get you anything you want in life (this is so simple you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it…but it’s SO powerful and will immediately transform your life)…
  • How to end fear of failure—or success—and all your other worries, forever (this is the main secret of the super-successful)…
  • How to turn any defeat, failure, setback, or adversity into an equivalent or greater benefit (yes, every failure really can be turned into a monumental success, if you know how)…
  • How to find out what steps you need to take to get what you want…and how to make it fun and easy…
  • How to motivate yourself to take the action you want to take, of know you should take, but may not be taking…
  • How to make all the money you want, while helping the world, and without violating any of your values or principles (you can get anything you want by helping others get what they want)…
  • How to know what to do first…and what to do next (this little secret solves a huge problem, and makes everything so easy)…
  • The Magic Question that solves all problems (this is so powerful I urge you to be very careful with it)…
  • The incredible power of the questions you ask yourself (this will also surprise you)…
  • How to tap into all the creative vision and imagination you’ll ever need (you’ll never lack for ideas and you’ll never again face a problem you can’t solve)…
  • How to end self-sabotage (if you’re creating it, you can end it, and I’ll show you how)…
  • How to make setting and achieving goals easy (for some people, everything they touch turns to gold—and you can be one of them)…
  • How to easily get all the help and all the resources you need (what if everyone wanted to help and support you in achieving what you want?)…
  • The Twelve Great Riches of Life—what they are, and how you can have them (you’ll be drooling when you see this list of life riches—only one of which involves money…and then I’ll show you how you can have them all)…
  • How your Life Script has (so far) determined what is possible—and impossible—and how you can “close that show and put a new one on the road”…
  • Believe it or not, the most successful people are those who’ve failed the most! That’s why it’s so important to know how the world’s most successful people consistently turn failure or adversity into an equivalent or greater benefit—and how you can do the same.
  • I’ll also teach you how to find the people you need to help you achieve what you want and how to secure their cooperation and help.
  • Since everything begins with a thought, you’ll need to harness the power of your own mind and learn how to keep it focused like a laser-beam on what you want. I’ll show you how the most successful, make-it-happen people in the world do it—and how you can create incredible creative power and solve any problem by doing so.

And, quite frankly, all of this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I struggled for years to learn this information, all of which I’ve tested in real-life practice for over more than three decades. I went from being absolutely miserable and discouragingly ineffective to being…

…happy, centered, and peaceful, and
able to create any result I wanted.

You can learn to do the same. I promise. All you need is to know what to do, and be committed to doing it.


“Looking over the events in my life while taking this course, I’m astounded at how far I’ve come. Too many miracles to even tell you. I was living in a hundred-year-old ‘handyman’s special’ and I’m now living in a beautiful ranch home in perfect condition. I was scrounging to pay my bills and borrowing money from my parents just to make it and I now have a healthy savings account. I’m working less and earning more. I have changed circumstances in my life that were energy-draining and now find myself in a worry-free zone, so to speak—daring to try what I wouldn’t have tried before—and succeeding!”
—Vicki S.

So, if any of this sounds even remotely interesting to you…if you want step-by-step instruction in exactly how to create whatever internal or external results you want…

Look. If you’re really serious about your personal growth…if you want to learn the real, practical steps that will take everything in your life to a higher level…if you want to begin consciously creating exactly what you want—rather than settling for whatever your internal map of reality creates unconsciously—the LPIP is for you!

And, right now you can enroll in the Life Principles Integration Process courses I’ve described here at a special—and incredibly low—price.

Unless your life is already everything you want it to be, there’s really no valid excuse to not be a part of this amazing series of courses—especially given the huge discount I’m offering.

Listen Now to This Free Preview Lesson!

Enroll now at half price!

Be well.


Bill Harris, Director
Centerpointe Research Institute, Inc.

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