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BONUS 1: Three bonus lessons about life scripts, based on the work of one of my personal idols, Dr. Eric Bern, showing you how your early influences created your Internal Map of Reality, and how you can change your script to one you want (valued at $59, yours free with registration)...

BONUSES 2-4: A digital copy of each course. Usually sold to students at the end of each LPIP course ($139 each, $417 for all three, free with registration)...

BONUS 5: A collection of my articles about the topics in the second LPIP course, called “Oneness Isn't Metaphysical” (sells for $59, free with registration)...

BONUS 6: Another collection of articles about the stages of human development, Developing Perspectives. This is crucial information for anyone who wants to understand themselves, and why human beings are the way they are (sells for $59, free with registration)...

BONUS 7: My live, 2-day 2011 special event for LPIP students, on video. You can look in and learn everything they learned (sells for $199, free with enrollment)...

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The powerful material and lessons you'll learn in my LPIP courses work. In fact, they work so well — for everyone who applies them — I can absolutely guarantee it. But, there are also a few things I can't guarantee. I can't guarantee your level of motivation or commitment to getting all the benefits these courses provide. And I can't guarantee that something else won't come up in your life that steals your attention and focus away from the courses. So here's my guarantee in plain English... If you do all the lessons and assignments, and take the actions I suggest, you will get all the results and benefits I've promised. After completing the courses, if you ever (and I do mean ever) feel they didn't deliver everything I promised, simply submit your completed homework assignments and request a refund. We'll verify that you completed the lessons and assignments in good faith, and if so, refund your tuition.

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